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Gaerne G.Hurricane Lady MTB-Schuhe Damen black/light blue

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Gaerne G.Hurricane Lady mtb-shoes women

G.Hurricane Lady shoe is developed according to the specific anatomy of the female foot and ideal for those looking for a shoes to be used of both the race and in training. The upper is soft microfiber laser perforated with mesh inserts that provide excellent breathability.


  • Closure System: one micro adjustable BOA L6 reel and a cable made of stainless steel. Turning the reel the cable close the shoe in a uniform manner, ensuring a constant holding, without any pressure point and an easy and speed closure.
  • Boa Technology guarantees the reel and the cables of the BOA closing system for the entire useful life of the product.
  • Integrated Slip Heel Cup: All-new integrated anti slip heel-cup will not deform or weaken. With its anti-tendonitis form it allows for the best foot stability and control. Reflective inserts provide maximum visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Transpirant unsole: is ultra lightweight and offers great comfort, breathability and is replaceable.


Gaerne MTB 2density sole 7.0
Direct from the Research and Development Team at Gaerne comes the “MTB 2DENSITY SOLE”. A new sole designed specifically for Mountain Bike use. The structure of the sole combines both nylon and fiberglass

materials, making it durable, lightweight and thin. The tread has been designed to ensure maximum grip/stability and has an excellent resistance to varying types of terrain. Two removable front studs give this shoe improved traction in variable and muddy terrains.

The patented Boa® Fit System L6 consists of a micro-adjustable dial, super-strong lightweight laces, and low friction lace guides. The combination of these elements allows the rider to obtain uniform closure without any pressure points. The absence of velcro straps allows for greater air circulation in the front part of the shoe.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 pair Gaerne G.Hurricane Lady mtb-shoes women (see item description for details)
Gaerne G.Hurricane Lady MTB-Schuhe Damen Gr. 37.0 black/light blue

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